Ethos and Values

Our Motto

Learning and growing together in Christ.

Our Mission

The Bishop Cleary Catholic Multi Academy Company is part of the Church’s mission, to make Jesus Christ known to all people – placing Him, Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church at the centre of all we do. We strive for excellence in education, by growing in faith and understanding together.

The Bishop Cleary Catholic Multi Academy Company has a clear overarching vision:

  • To develop everyone to their full spiritual potential reflecting the Catholic tradition of loving God and offering service and reconciliation to all.
  • To provide outstanding teaching and learning for all our pupils
  • To work in partnership with one another to provide creative and innovative opportunities for all members of our multi academy community
  • To prepare our pupils to contribute  to the common good of our wider, diverse society
  • To strive for excellence and  continuous improvement in all we do.

The Multi Academy is named after Bishop JOSEPH FRANCIS CLEARY 1912 to 1991, Bishop of Cresima. He was born and grew up in Dublin where he wanted very much to become a priest. But, although he was very clever, he had a stutter and was not accepted for the priesthood in Ireland, so he came to Birmingham and studied at St Mary’s College Oscott. He was ordained on the Feast of St Peter & St Paul in 1939.

He later became Archbishop’s Secretary and, in 1951, Parish Priest of SS Mary and John’s Wolverhampton. He loved the town and its people who, in turn, took him to their hearts.

He found out in December 1964 that he was going to be made a bishop and wrote, “I am busily digging a hole under my bed. I hope to find some L plates when I get through the floor boards!” He was ordained Bishop of Cresima in St Chad’s Cathedral on 29 January 1965. He continued to live at SS Mary and John’s Presbytery on Snowhill, Wolverhampton and became for a time Chair of the Birmingham Race Relations Commission.

Bishop Cleary died peacefully on 25 February 1991 and after his Requiem Mass his body was taken to Bushbury Cemetery. It was then discovered that two old vagrants were already buried in the plot he had bought. Having nowhere to lay their head, “He allowed them to share his last resting place.”

We hope and pray that the spirit of Bishop Cleary and the values that his life and work expressed will inspire all who attend, work and teach at our Academies to achieve outstanding education and lives of devoted service to the Common Good.